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In recent years, working from home has become increasingly popular. In fact, studies show that almost 13% of all full-time employees work from home and 28% work a hybrid model. Due to this shift, the need for a functional home office has climbed considerably, causing people to consider what key factors will help boost productivity and overall comfort.

Luckily, we’re here to help you look for these key factors when designing your home office space:

  • Consider ergonomics: An uncomfortable work environment will leave you distracted! Save your back and shoulders and invest in an adjustable chair to ensure that it’s at the proper height for your desk.
  • Inspire yourself: Your space should inspire your work. Consider items in your home that motivate you and bring joy– a winning baseball, an award you received, or photos of family members. Adding touches of these items can bring inspiration during the work day and boost productivity.
  • Implement sustainability: You can repurpose items in your home that you may not have considered for your home office. Get creative with mugs, magazine holders, unused shelves, and old furniture. Also, research shows that adding plants can reduce stress and improve air quality, so don’t forget to bring some plants! 
  • Organization: If it was appropriate to put that word in all caps, we would, but we didn’t want to yell it at you. An intentionally organized space is the key to a productive and less stressful space. At RNI, we love to create custom desks for our clients that are ergonomic, conceal cords, and provide the organization and space you need for a successful work day! When creating a custom desk, we consider style, ergonomics, and function. If you don’t know where to start with organization, start with your desk, (or hire us)! 🙂 
  • Optimal lighting: Ever been to a restaurant that’s so poorly lit you have to pull out the flashlight to see the menu? That’s what it’s like working in a poorly lit environment! Ask yourself which room in your house has the best natural light– if possible make that your home office! We suggest adding a shade or curtain to block out possible glares. When it comes to recessed lighting, it’s important that the light is not placed directly above you or it may cast a shadow on your work. We usually recommend 3000k for overhead lighting and 2700k-3000k for adjustable task lighting. Set the ambiance with the soft glow of accent lighting (chandelier, floor lamps, or table lamps), especially if you’re working late hours. We recommend 2700k. 
  • Budget: You may be wondering how much home office design will cost. We recommend starting at $85/sq ft for your furnishings, however, if you want custom built-ins or luxury finishes, we recommend starting your budget at $150/sq ft. 

If all of this seems like a lot and you aren’t sure where to start, call us! We would love to help with your home office design.

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