Happy Holidays


Ok, we don’t want to be a wet blanket, but we need to address the elephant in the room, and that is storing your Christmas decor. I know it hurts to think of the day we pack up all the magic, but Future Christmas You will thank us! Picture you next year, decked in your Christmas sweater, cozy socks on, warm bevvy in hand, ready to get out all your Christmas decor, and everything is organized to perfection, not a tangled light in sight. Ahh, sounds like a Christmas miracle.

Let’s get to it:

Storing your ornaments: Ornaments are some of our most precious keepsakes, so we need a great storage solution. We love this $14 Amazon solution with adjustable compartments. If you’d prefer a DIY, you can also use egg cartons or beverage holders. 

Storing your wreath: Ever just thrown your wreath into a plastic container, only to get to it next year and it’s terribly misshapen? Let’s agree not to do that anymore. Grab this two pack wreath bag for just $15 on Amazon (it comes in different sizes!). 

Storing your tree: Still lugging around the old box your tree came in? It may be time to invest in a tree storage bag

Storing your string lights: And just when you thought you had gotten off easy on decorating day… you pull out the string lights. No worries! You can do what my dad did, and wrap your lights around a flap from a cardboard box, OR you can get a little fancier with this set, which includes 3 spools, a hanging hook, and a storage bag. 

Don’t forget the clear containers and lids: Choose a clear container so you know exactly what is in each box. Store like items together so that everything will be easy to find the following year. 

And that’s it! Now, let’s go back to pretending that Christmas isn’t ending anytime soon. 🥂 Happy holidays, and if you need any help storing your Christmas items, we’d love to help! 


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